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  • Birthday

    I'm not one to celebrate too heartily on my birthday, but I figured I'd mention it here since I guess it's important. I loved the email I got from my grandpa today, which you can read an excerpt from below:

    Anyway, I'm writing to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!  (Did John buy you the bicycle windows for your Birthday anniversary?)  Of course, you realize that you are now well over the quarter-century mark on the calendar, and creeping up fast on the next millennium mark!  It's rather a tragedy that you got so old so fast.  I hope John keeps you rolling daily on your bicycle--don't allow yourself to get flabby.  

    I am working very diligently (watching the golf on TV)--somehow I am getting the "golf station" which is NOT listed on my Time Warner cable channel line-up [Hooray!]!  I'm also running a daily marathon, eating well, and sleeping like a baby.  Retirement certainly has some wonderful benefits, and God is good.

    What a great guy :). And a great day to turn 26.