Clarinet Lessons

Private Clarinet Lessons

Kate teaches Clarinet (and saxophone) at the St. Andrew's school in Delware, the Nelly Berman School of Music in Ardmore, PA, in her home studio in South Philadelphia, and remotely via Skype.  If you, or your child, would like to take clarinet lessons please contact me for a trial lesson: 225-916-2490. We can then discuss which location works best for your family.

Who: I specialize in pushing serious students to the next level. I have over 8 years experience as a performer and as a teacher to students of all types: inner city group classes, middle and high schoolers, conservatory prep, college players, and adult learners.

About lessons: Looking to get to the next level in your playing? Make the honor band? Feel confident in your solo performances? Make your practice more effective? I can help you get there, in a fun and productive way. All clarinet instruction revolves around the development of fundamental techniques including tone, proper breathing and support, technical fingerwork, and musical phrasing. We'll work closely on these principles but we'll make it enjoyable - the way music should be!

When: Weekly 1 hour lessons. (45 minute lessons are available for serious students aged 8-11).

Pricing: $65 for each 1 hr lesson. Cash or electronic charge are avaiable.

Neighborhood and Parking: East Passyunk Ave is a vibrant, safe South Philly neighborhood bustling with independent businesses, a coffee shop, and an adorable fountain outside of my apartment. You're welcome to wander the area or set up shop at Black N' Brew just across the street. There is ample metered parking in 2 and 3 hour spots along East Passyunk and many free spots along Dickinson, Cross, and other cross streets. There is also a parking lot about three blocks south on East Passyunk. My apartment is a 15 minute drive from center city, and a 30 minute drive from the outlying Mainline suburbs and Delaware county. It is four blocks from the Broad-Tasker Septa line, and a hub for various bus lines.

This year's studio achievements

- Three college graduates found successful employment teaching at High Schools, Congrats!

- 3 students gained acceptance into Louisiana State University Music School

- Acceptance into Louisiana State University Tiger Band

- Acceptance into Interlochen Summer Academy

- 15 Members of the studio made it into the Louisiana Honor Band

- 2 Members of the studio made it into the Louisiana All-State Band

- 4 Members of the studio are in the Louisiana Youth Orchestra

- 3 students earned the role of Drum Major at their school!


I studied with Dr. Kate Young my junior and senior year of high school. She helped me improve all aspects of my clarinet playing as well as expand my musical repertoire. She is very knowledgeable and was always able to answer any questions I had. I am now attending a university as a music major and I feel very well prepared with the training I have received with her.

Harrison Dollar, East Ascension High School & Louisiana State University

Ms. Kate is a really great lesson teacher. She makes learning new pieces of music fun and interesting. Before I started taking lessons with her, I had a very shy sound. Now I am more confident in my playing.

Jacob Marchand, Senion at East Ascension High School

In 6th grade, I wanted to play the Clarinet. In middle school, I wasn't passionate at all about it. I would go home from band and never practice and dread even playing the clarinet. As I got into high school, my band director introduced lessons. Our clarinet teacher would come on Wednesday's and Thursday's every week. I was very nervous for my first lesson. I knew that I wasn't good. I could barely read music, understand rhythm, and I also didn't have a good tone or technique. My first lesson with Ms. Kate was fantastic. I saw how passionate she was to help me get better and to succeed. I fell in love with the Clarinet more and more each time I went into a lesson with her. She taught me how to have a great embouchure, great tone, great technique, and to be confident in my sound. By taking these lessons, I was so passionate and practiced everyday, became one of the most improved in my band. I had never made an honor band in my life but after trying out my freshman year with a great teacher to guide me, I had made last chair in the Symphonic Honor Band as a freshman next to my friend who also took lessons with Ms. Kate, I went from 11th chair to 2nd chair in the second band at my school, and made my band directors and Ms. Kate very proud. If you are a clarinet player, I highly recommend taking lessons with Dr. Kate Young. She is going to do everything she can to help you become the best clarinetist you can be. Sometimes it takes getting out of your comfort-zone, but doing that will make you improve tremendously. I never regretted a single lesson with her because every time I had one, I would improve. I'm very grateful of her and I'm so happy to hear that she will be bringing passion into the hearts of new students!

Sadie Ragusa, Sophomore at East Ascension High School.