My research combines my interests in cognition, music, and neuromuscular control of the upper limb. I began my research at the University of Rochester where I served as a research assistant for numerous labs including visual learning labs, long-term asthma intervention studies, and absolute pitch research in the unique Music Cognition lab at the Eastman School of Music.  

In conjunction with the LSU School of Kinesiology and Dr. Sara Winges, I have branched into neuromuscular control. The focal point of my dissertation monograph was a study of the neuromuscular balance of clarinet players. We used electromyography (EMG) to consider the influence of thumb-rest position on the upper limb muscular balance of these participants. Furthermore, task requirements, hand size, and experience level were also accounted for. This research has gained attention from numerous research communities and has been presented at the Performing Arts Medical Association Conference, the Society for Neuroscience Conference, and won first prize at the International Clarinet Association Research Competition in Madrid, Spain. 

Future projects will include considering instrument scale and combine electromyography with new motion capture technologies now available. I hope to continue growing as a researcher and take on new projects that relate to neuromuscular control, fine motor control, and rehabilitiation techniques. If you would like to discuss collaborating or research positions, please send me an email.